At 6 year old I wanted to become an inventor like Thomas Edison. At 12, I was doing chemistry experiments and make high voltage electrical circuits. At college, I studied computer science, but I continued my self studies in electronics and chemistry. Immediately after graduation I established my first research and consulting company in Tehran. The year was 1979.

The Research Center for Industrial and Manufacturing projects was the base for many scientists, engineers, college students and entrepreneurs. Our largest room was the laboratory where we performed product testing, analysis, and reverse engineering. Meetings were held in our small library. Another room was the archive of our completed projects. 

In 1990 I moved to U.S. and started New Jersey Industrial Research Center. Beside a few consulting jobs and research projects, most of my activities were in computer hardware and software development projects. 

In 1995 I started “Clifton Internet Services” providing internet access, email services and web hosting services. 

In 1998 I started ScienceProject.com. An online membership based application providing ideas and support for Science Projects. 

In 2001 I developed an e-commerce/ shopping cart program and a few other web based business applications. I also used this shopping cart program to sell Science Education Supplies under the name MiniScience.com. Today, MiniScience.com is one of the major distributors of Science Education Products in United States.

In 2006 I started ChemicalStore.com as an online supplier of chemicals to schools, students and small businesses. In addition to a fair share in U.S. market, Chemical Store is also exporting products to Canada, Europe, Australia and some far east countries. 

My plans for 2001:
I am 65 now and it is time to delegate some of my operational responsibilities and spend more time on consulting.   

I look forward to hear from you with your new investment ideas, product ideas, development ideas, and new strategy ideas.

Mohammad Hamzeh