General Business Consulting

If you don’t have enough business experience you may save time and reduce your financial risk and get quick answers to many of your questions by setting up a General Business Consulting session with me. The initial consultation is free and you will be under no obligation to follow up and continue. 

If you find my services useful,  you may continue and set up further meetings as you need in different stages of your business. If needed, I may refer you to other professionals for further assistance depending on your needs.

Chemical Analysis

Identifying unknown substances is one of the well known challenges for many startup businesses as well as well established businesses. Many companies make up a name for their products in order to eliminate competition by keeping the ingredients a secret.

We can analyze chemicals and solve the mystery of unknown materials. By knowing what you are buying, you may have more choice of suppliers and better assessment of the safety of your materials.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a series of operations in order to find out how things are made. Chemical compounds, food products, cosmetics, plastic parts, metal parts, electronic circuits; they all have their own secrets and it is not always obvious how they are made. How things are made are often kept secret and are valued as intellectual properties. 

I welcome your reverse engineering problems. In many cases I can also guarantee the results and estimate the success rate.

No retainers or down payments are required for qualified customers.  


Please submit your questions using the contact form,  by email or by phone.

International clients who can speak English may use my services in some technology consulting and reverse engineering projects. Retainer fee is required for all clients out of the continental United States. Business consulting however, requires knowledge of local laws, local market and local resources that I will not have in many cases.

We have a large collection of tools and equipment for our research projects, We also maintain a relation with other laboratories and utilize their facilities as needed.